Alternatives to Chinese Apps Banned by India: Chinese Banned Apps Alternatives

The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps. These also include popular apps like Tik Tok, UC Browser, Helo and Share It. In such a situation, users using these apps must be having trouble and they must be wondering which apps they should use now? If you are also one of them then you need not worry. We Indians still have a better option than all the apps in China. In this article we will give you top chinese banned apps alternatives in Hindi Will tell about which you can use instead of China apps. Complete list of replacement of 59 apps.

Alternatives to Chinese Apps Banned by India: China Apps Alternatives

You must be wondering whether there are other apps available as an alternative to Chinese apps? If so what are those apps? These are some of the questions which are running in everyone’s mind. We are giving you the answers to them in this article.

Out of the 59 apps banned by the government, the maximum 18 apps belong to the utility category. 8 apps are video sharing. There are 6 social media apps.

We Indian users have many options available to them. The best part is that the options for all these 59 apps are available on the Google Play Store and iOS platforms.

So let us now tell you which apps to use instead of these 59 banned apps of China? china banned apps ki jagah kaunse apps use kare in hindi? chinese banned apps alternatives?

59 China Banned Apps Alternatives – Full List in Hindi 2020

Before we tell you the alternatives of these china banned apps, we would advise you that as a responsible citizen, you yourself should stop using all these apps, because now these apps have become illegal.

Chinese Banned Apps Alternatives
Apps = the option
Tiktok, Kwai, Helo, Likee = Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat
Weibo = reddit, twitter
wemeet = Tinder
UC Browser = Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
CM Browser = Internet Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
APUS Browser = Internet Browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
DU Browser = Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Shareit, Xender = File Transfer, Google, Files Go
Vault = Hide file manager, Google, Files Go
Shein, ROMWE, Club Factory = Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Clush of Kings, Hago Play with New Friends Games = Ludo King
DU Battery Saver = NA*
Virus Cleaner = NA*
Mi Community = reddit
YouCam Makeup, Beutry Plus, Selfiecity = Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
Parallel Space = Dual Apps, Multiple Apps Cloner
WeSync, ES File Explorer = Google Files Go
DU Clear = NA*
Cache Clear = NA*
DU Recorder = AZ Screen Recorder
Cam Scanner = Microsoft Office Lens, Adobe scan
Clean Master = NA*
QQ Launcher = Microsoft Launcher
DU Privacy = NA*
NewsDog, UC News = InShorts
QQ Newsfeed = Flipboard, InShorts, Google news
Wechat, QQ International = WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike
QQ Mail, Mail Master = Client, Outlook
Baidu Map = Google maps, HERE maps
Bigo live, Viva video QU Video Inc = Instagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
Mi Video Call, Xiomi = Google Duo
Vigo Video, New Video Status = Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
Vmate, U Video, V fly Status Video = Instagram IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat
Meitu, Wonder Camera, Photo wonder, Sweet selfie = Snapchat, G Cam, Open Camera
QQ Player, QQ Musi = VLC, MX Player

Barring just a few apps, all have alternatives, so you don’t need to panic. You may be a tiktoker but country should be first for you.

Some important questions and answers related to the ban of China apps

People are asking different types of questions on social media regarding the ban of China apps. That is why here we are giving answers to some important and important questions, so that you do not have to go anywhere else for them.

Q. How will the government order be implemented?

AnsThe government will soon issue instructions to Google to remove these apps from the Play Store and Apple from its iOS platforms. Then all these apps will be removed from google play store and app store.

Apart from this, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be ordered not to access the data of these apps and telecom companies will not be provided network to them. Then these apps will stop working completely.

Q. Why is this app still on Google Play Store and Apple Store?

Ans: The government will soon order google and apple company to remove these apps from google play store and app store. Till then they can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store.

Some people are saying that these can still be downloaded from App Store and Play Store, so what kind of ban is this. So tell them to wait a little now, after some time all these will disappear.

Q. How to stop access to these apps?

Ans: Companies that provide Internet networks to users. Like- Airtel, Jio, BSNL etc. They give internet network to the users in two ways.

  • via a mobile network.
  • Another through broadband connection.

The Internet Service Provider (IP) does the work of giving the network of these companies to the users. Internet companies just have to put a filter after the instructions of the government. After that users will not be able to access any data on it.

Q. What will happen to the personal data of the people?

Ans: Users using Chinese apps should download their important data and documents in their mobile soon. Because now in one to two days these apps will be completely closed.

All app companies have their servers in China. If technically these companies do not delete people’s data, then their data will not be deleted. But despite this, users will not be able to access their data.

Q. Will the app be deleted by us too?

Ans: Apps will not be automatically deleted from your phone, you have to delete them yourself. You won’t be able to use them anyway. That is, you will not be able to see your photos, videos and other files on those apps.

Q. Will those who already have apps in their mobiles be able to use them?

Ans: off course not. These apps are completely banned. It doesn’t matter whether you have downloaded before or you are downloading now. Now no citizen will be able to use these apps in India.

Q. What kind of privacy were breaching Chinese apps?

Ans:China Apps were unsafe. Because when you install an app, you have approved that it can access your photos, videos, messages, files, data.

After this, what he does with your data, it depends on that company. Some organizations take permission that they can use your data, but some organizations steal data without permission.

At present, in the situation between India and China, Chinese companies can do anything with our data. The old record of China is also not reliable in this matter. He is also an expert in cyber attacks.

So the government has taken a thoughtful decision. Because these apps are also used by people associated with the government and the army.

Last question: what will happen now?

If encouraged, such apps can be made in India also (Chinese banned apps alternatives). Anyway, China isn’t a software power, it’s just a hardware power. Such apps can easily be made in your country too.

Just a little financial incentive will be needed. Right now our startups have to struggle a lot. Many of our software developers work for foreign companies.

Apart from this, foreign apps already exist in India, so they are not made, so native startups do not make such apps. Whereas most foreign apps are banned in China. That’s why more local apps are made there.

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And then there the government gives more incentives as well. But our apps can also be popular in the world, it just has to be a little innovation. Many apps in our country are also very popular, such as Paytm, Share Chat, Philip Kart etc.

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