Best Smartphone Dating App Review –

Have you tried all those dating apps and are not able to get good results? If, yes, then it is now time to switch over to this new and amazing app called as QuackQuack Dating App. One of the best things about this app is that it is directly linked to its primary website and allows you to search over hundreds of profiles that are registered with it. It is on its way to become one of the best mobile dating app and the number of registered users is increasing with each passing day. Here is the detailed description about this app and what are the benefits involved.

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It is safe and secure

• Unlike other apps, this dating app is completely safe as well as secure to use. You can set your privacy settings and it is up to you to allow or not allow seeing you images and profile details. Currently there are over 4.5 lakh Indian users and their number is expected to touch 10 lakh in a very short time span. One of the main reasons for the soaring popularity of this app is its user friendliness and unique user interface.

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It is definitely one of the best online smart phone apps

• With the help of this Smartphone dating app, you can search for different profiles and select them as per your preference. If you are feeling little shy in approaching to the next partner, then all you need to do is to initiate the initial ice breaker step called as wave. As soon as you send a wave to other person, you just need to wait for a reply back in the form of wave. Of you get a wave then it means that other person is also interested in chatting with you and you can start the conversation process through chat.

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• Once you become friends with each other, then you can see profiles and share images and take your relationship to the next level.

The correct download and installation procedure

• In order to correctly download this app, you need to log on into your Google play store account and search for this app. You can download and install this top and best dating app by following few simple steps.

• I personally feel that this is one of the best app and unlike other dating apps; QuackQuack provides you enough space to react and chose your partner in a very simple and easy way. The screened content makes this app more safe and secure.

A must download for those, who are looking for a life partner and wish to spend their life with love and care.

Train Running Status : Get Train Running Information Online.

In India, Railway is considered as the “Lifeline of the Nation”. Indian Railway is the 4th biggest railway network in the world carrying over 20 million passengers daily. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation also referred to as IRCTC, which is a part of the Indian Railways that manages the catering/tourism and e-ticketing, has the biggest role in the development of Indian Railways. With an introduction of technology in the Railways through IRCTC, booking a rail tickets is just a few clicks away. You can not only book the train ticket online but also check the current booking status(PNR Status) as well as the train running status online.

Although the Indian Railways has provided a website for checking live train running information, there is a need for much simpler and easier tool for doing this. So accepting this challenge, we’ve a built one simple tool that will help you to check live train status with just a click of a button. All you have to do is to enter the train number and select the journey date and you will provided with full train schedule with it’s current running status and location on google maps.

Check Train Running Status Below :


Nubia Z7 Mini – Know Everything About It!

ZTE is a multinational mobile Chinese brand ranked among top five on the domestic market and among top ten on the global market. The brand is known for introduction of breakthrough solutions to make your life easier. The company is engaged in wireless set production. Among its top products you will find smartphones, laptops, tablets and internet devices. It is far cries of the days when a choice of a new smartphone considered only global leading brands as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and others. The smartphones by ZTE are cost effective mobile solutions for everyday life. Every mobile smart gadget by the brand features innovative options. For to start make sure in the truth of these words, you can seeing popular ZTE mobile phones here, and now the mobile world still hotly discusses the launch of Nubia Z5 and its simpler version Nubia Z5 Mini as the brand has announced a new launch of Nubia Z7 and its spinoff Nubia Z7 Mini. What is there so promising about the latest Z7 Mini? Should also be noted that the latest phones refer to an individual brand “Nubia”.


To start with, Nubia Z7 Mini will be a sheer upgrade of Z5 Mini version with the main feature of the Nubia model line being excellent cameras. But a new Nubia Mini version gets upgraded camera software as new photo pattern with shooting stars, star clouds and even star tracks.

The experts claim this Z7 Mini version to be a complete scale down of recently announced Z7 Max to a smaller size. However let the postfix Mini not fool you as the device features a 5’ FHD 1080*1920 capacitive touchscreen with 441PPI density. The gadget is rather slim and styled with dimensions 140.9*69.3*8.2 The Mini Z7 gadget is powered with a quad-core Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC CPU featuring 2.0Ghz frequency. Smooth connectivity and data transfer is ensured with 2Gb RAM. Nubia Mini internal storage is 16Gb but is expandable with microSD cards.

The main disappointing feature about the new Mini by ZTE is a battery capacity reduced to 2300mAh which is fairly basic and insufficient to support hard-drive using mode. The fans of Android 4.4 Kit Kat will enjoy the OS coupled with Nubia UI 2.0. The device will support 2 SIM cards and LTE networks.
The key strength of the device is its cameras with 13Mp back one and 5Mp front one. The main camera features HDR, panoramic shooting, face detection and new software Neovision 4.0 and aperture F/2.0 to turn amateur shooting into excellent quality pics. For more information on the gadget, its software and features you can visit

A price of the new Mini Nubia is about 300-330$. This hot smartphone is available to order on the with free shipping worldwide.

ASKME App Review : App which Makes Everything Easier

With the technology getting better Apps have also improved a lot and one of such very improved App is ASKME App. Heard about this App or not? Even if you have not used ASKME Ap, you must have seen its advertisement on your television. It is Ranbir Kapoor who is promoting this very special ASKME App. In this post I’m reviewing ASKME App. I used this App and found it to be very useful for me. I was even able to help out by friend by using this App and that’s why I thought to review this App.

ASKME helped me in finding out some awesome Restaurants

Me and my friends go to a new restaurant every weekend. This weekend I was searching for a new restaurant, and that time I saw ASKME App advertisement on my television. This made me immediately download ASKME App, and then I was able to find a superb new chinese restaurant located just an hour away from my house. So this weekend me and my friends went to this restaurant and enjoyed a lot. This was all possible because of ASKME.

Not only restaurants, but searching out any type of local business is very easy with the use of ASKME App.

ASKME also allows to add reviews about your favorite restaurants and businesses. From now can read these reviews before going to any new restaurant.

Deals Sections helped me in knowing the best deals

I’m someone who loves to buy new gadgets regularly, and this is the reason that I keep looking for the most amazing deals online. After downloading ASKME App I went to the deals section of this App. I found the deals section to be very amazing because it helped me in knowing all the best deals available for me. Many times I failed to make use of online deals as I found them to be not available for my city, but this will never happen after using ASKME App. With ASKME I was able to get deals which can be availed by me without any problem.

ASKME App also comes with free classified ads section and ASKME Bazaar. Free classified ads section is a section where people can buy and sell their used products. ASKME Bazaar is the retail store of ASKME itself.

Download ASKME App from Google Play Store

After reading this review you must be definitely thinking to immediately download ASKME App. Downloading this App won’t take much time. You just need to go to the above link and download this App. After you start using ASKME App you’ll realize that this App is an App that every friend and relative of yours should have on his or her smartphone.

5 Best Cricket Games for Android in 2014

Mobile and online games are becoming increasingly famous these days. Android provides a wide range of options for mobile players with a variety of games. The list of the most famous Android games is endless. This is because of the launch of more and more android games daily. To top it all,most of the android games are free to download. Cricket is a favourite game to all people alike. You can play cricket on your android phones. Let us look at the best cricket games for android in 2014.

1) Real Cricket ™ 14

Real Crickets 14

Real Cricket ™ 14 is the most recommended game for android cricket players. This game was launched in 2014 by Nautilius Mobile, an Indian graphics organization. The game has been implemented with stunning graphics. In case you are looking to download free cricket games, you must definitely try your hands at Real Cricket ™ 14. In this game, you can choose from different options like Quick Play or Nets. The controls are easy to handle and you will be provided with a joystick when you opt to bat. With awesome visual effects combined with amazing background music and sounds, this game is by far the best android cricket game.

Click here to download Real Cricket ™ 14 from Google Play Store.

2) World Cricket Championship Lt

World Cricket Championship Lt

Offering a 360 degree selection of shots, this game renders the most realistic experience making it an all time favourite for cricket lovers. This game is a set of three games that include World Cricket Championship, World Premiere League and Super Fantasy Cricket League. To make the player feel more realistic, the game has been designed with abundant fun features. You can sit back and enjoy the sixer you just hit with the slow motion option. Are you unsure about a wicket? Do not worry.Take a look at the action replay. Attractive options like those mentioned here and many more make this game one of the best mobile cricket games in 2014.

Click here to download World Cricket Championship Lt from Google Play Store.

3) Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket

This addictive cricket game for android has become a favourite to many android cricket players. The game allows you to challenge your friends via Bluetooth. Stick Cricket is an easy to play game with similar rules and regulations like the usual cricket. While the idea is to hit a six with every ball you face, you will be finding it fun to quickly time yourself on the speed and choosing the right shot. The game has an easy and fair game play. You can install the game free of cost, however, the best features in the game has to be purchased at a certain cost.

Click here to download Stick Cricket from Google Play Store.

4) Beach Cricket


This is the best theme for mobile cricket games. The surroundings of the cricket ground in this game are a beach as the name of the game suggests. The breezy and airy effect of playing the game close to a beach is amazing. The sound modulation and the visual treat are just awesome making the player feel like he or she is really near the beach. The game play is very simple and easy. The player can also select from the themes like Sunny Grove and Tranquil Bay. The game has 5 overs in a match. The game has predefined batsmen.

Click here to download Beach Cricket from Google Play Store.

5) Power Cricket T20

Power Cricket T20
You can give a try to Power Cricket T20 if you download free cricket games. This game has a usual game play. The most notable feature of this game is that the bowling option differs from match to match ensuring that no two matches are alike. You can use your batting skills while you attempt to knock out the nine best cricket teams in the world. This game is splendid for a beginner to enjoy android cricket games.

Click here to download Power Cricket T20 from Google Play Store.

Download the best cricket games for android from the games mentioned here today. Have a fabulous time playing these games in your leisure or during your travel.

FakeOff app: a way to get rid of the fake accounts bugging one

Facebook is a social networking site which has billions of users. It has connected people all over the world. It had started almost a decade ago and is now one of the most used website. Mark Zuckerberg had founded it when he was a student at Harvard University. Initially it was only for the use of Harvard students but eventually other university students could also access it. Now anyone at or above the age of thirteen can make an account and interact with others present. At the time of creating an account one just needs to fill in basic information about one just like one does for creating an email address. It has become a very essential part of interaction in today’s world.

fake off

Facebook allows people to send personal messages or update any experience in the form of words or pictures. People share feelings and can be close to near and dear ones even when they are physically far away. It has also started the service of offering video calls. One can invite people to social events, keep others updated with the recent activities of their organisations and so on. Facebook has included apps which increases the interaction among users. These apps are created by organisation and then bound along with facebook for people to entertain themselves. Some apps are simply games whereas others are of other websites which are created to offer services to public. All this information of which app one is using makes it easier for analysis to find out which organisation is most preferred among services to be chosen from.

FakeOff is another app on facebook. It was made by an Israel based organisation. This app has been in use for some time now and gives satisfactory results. This app helps in finding out if the account of the person with whom one is interacting is real or fake. There are many people who make fake accounts. Some do it for fun whereas others for not so good reasons. The regions from where the most fake accounts are found are places where the market for facebook is developing. There are still many more people in India who are introduced to facebook every day. People use facebook to advertise their business or any other interest they have. It is also a place where like minded people can get together to share ideas and thoughts.

FakeOff scans all the people one is interacting with and keeps tabs on all the actions performed by the accounts. It checks the pictures one has uploaded to confirm if they have been copied from somewhere or are genuine. It also checks the locations, dates and all other details with updates in order to prove that the account is real. If anything suspicious it informs the user who is using the app. The user can either stop the interaction or block the account. FakeOff app has been doing a good job as approximately some twenty to twenty-five percent of the times the result is true. One has the right to protect their personal information from others and this helps in keeping people from interacting with wrong people.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 has announced to be rolled out in the market in April 2014. Despite of the criticism on Samsung Galaxy S series on display and body, LeeYung-hee promises the improvement in Galaxy S5. 

Samsung Glaxy S5

I have gathered all the news, and information at this place. So get ready for the exclusive update on Samsung Galaxy S4.

A Metal Body:

It has been reported by Taipei Times, Catcher Metal Company will be designing the metal cases for Samsung in 2014. Catcher is shining on the Apple and HTC devices. The S5 devices are likely to have Magnesium and Aluminum material casing.

Weather and Dust Proof:

The S5 smartphone is likely to have dust, weather and water proof.

64-Bit Processor:

Since, Apple has already the launched the 64 bit iPhone5. No doubt, Samsung will not follow the suite.

Samsung has highly emerged in mobile market, and knows how to be in competition. Jumping to 64-bit operating system has innumerable benefits, counting few are enhancement in 3D graphics and gaming.  

Super Sensitive Camera On-Board:

S5 will have 13 Mega Pixel cameras, same as S4 but this time it will have far superior anti-shake image stabilization technique implemented. So far, other smartphones has anti-shake correction of up to 0.7 degree, whereas Galaxy S5 to support autocorrect 1.5 degree.

More sensitive camera sensors, enhancing low light imaging experience expecting to have 8 times higher output than Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S5 Eye Scanner:

To maintain the popularity in software front, Samsung is fully planned to compete its rival Apple. Apple has recently launched iPhone5 with Finger Scanning, Galaxy S5 to use iris scanning.

Samsung is now looking ahead to make their Galaxy S5, the world best smartphone of all time. They seem to have work harder to bring the dream come true. Samsung is ready to deliver a powerful and unique in its premium Galaxy smartphone. There are also rumors for Galaxy F, which is expected to have a higher specification than the Galaxy S5.


Samsung is likely to retain the screen size with S5, still there is minor increase in can be expected. The 2,560×1,440 resolution is more than what anyone could imagine. There was rumors about Samsung to incorporate 6-inch screen in Galaxy S5, but the rumors does not make any sense as they already have bigger screen size with NOTE series. And off course, they would not want to cross the line with NOTE series. NOTE 3 have 5.7 inch screen and Galaxy Mega devices available with 5.8 and 6.3 inch screen sizes.


Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date is not yet sure, but it is expected to be launch in April, which is an anniversary for Galaxy S4. This is just a prediction from us and there is no such confirmation from Samsung.  As far as the price is concern, Samsung Galaxy S5 to expected to have the price around $700.

Samsung Galaxy S5, hottest features to watch out:

  • 64-bit ARM based processor
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • 32GB on-board storage
  • MicroSD storage expansion
  • Metal case body
  • qHD screen display 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution
  • Tizen OS or Android 4.4 Kitkat OS
  • 13-16 MP ISOCELL camera
  • 4,000 mAh battery life
  • Quad Surround speakers
  • Water, dust and weather proof body
  • Vision optical image stabilization
  • Oleophobic coating on display
  • Glowing touch sensor home button
  • Aluminum unibody construction

Watch Live Streaming T20 World Cup 2014 Bangladesh

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of cricket and experience the live thunder of T20 Cricket World Cup 2014 at Bangladesh. Yes! The live action of T20 Cricket World cup 2014 is scheduled from 16 March to 6 April 2014 on the beautiful grassy land of Bangladesh. The event is hosted by four major cities including Mirpur, Chittagong, Sylhet and Cox’s bazaar.

For the first time in history of T20 world cup, 16 teams are going to compete and entertain you in this tournament. Out of these 10 are direct qualifier team and 6 associates team comes from 2013 ICC world T20 qualifier. This T20 world cup has a logo inspired by painted auto rickshaw of Bangladesh streets. It uses color of Bangladesh flag giving friendly messages and denoting cricket stumps and ball.


ICC has announced the schedule and fixtures of the event, so now you don’t have to wait to book your favorites spot to watch the live actions. The whole tournament is packed with 51 matches including 16 warm up, 32 group matches, 2 semis and a final. You can enjoy the play of your favorite team in 4 matches’ confirm as each team has to play 4 group matches before semi and final. You can find out several sites offering the show list of all matches with dates, venue and timing of matches.

All the cricket fans can watch the live match on the TV sets; the broadcasting partners of ICC are going to give you direct action at home. The expected channels offering the live show include the ESPN and Star Sport network spans around 24 countries. Other regional channels are also expected to broadcast T20 world cup.

For those fans who want to watch out that huge sixes and fallen wickets live on ground can book their ticket online or from the selected outlets assigned to sell T20 world cup cricket. The second phase of ticket sale will start from February. You can buy ticket online on website ‘bookmyshow’ which has official banking of Bangladesh. Selected branches of NCC bank and Agrani bank are providing tickets as official outlets.

You can also enjoy the live streaming of cricket matches of ICC T20 world cup on your Smartphone, desktop and tablets. Like always number of websites showers the live streaming of this world most popular tournament. However ICC is yet to shortlist their live streaming partners on internet but some sites are expected to stream live this 5th T20 world cup tournament. Some of the sites are listed here-

Cricket is bringing more and more excitement day by day and when it’s about watching T20 especially in world cup, the charm is on top. No matter which age group you belong, the game will attract you to cricket ground. So enjoy the every single moment of the tournament and make it a great success.

Micromax Canvas Turbo Review and Price in India

Micromax Canvas Series Smartphones have been the real force behind the popularity and growth of Micromax in Indian Market. Now Micromax has added one more feather in the cap by adding canvas turbo in its canvas product. It was rumored way before that Micromax is working on Full HD Display phone and the result is Micromax Canvas Turbo A250.

With Competitors like Samsung, Nokia, htc going for “FULL HD DISPLAY”, Micromax has come up with their first Full HD Display Phone Canvas Turbo. This Indian mobile manufacturer has put all the effort to make the phone noticed with Huge Jackman, and they have been quite successful as well. Initial reviews have suggested that canvas turbo is one of the best Micromax mobile till date.Micromax canvas turbo a250

Let’s take a look at the design, camera, software and display of Micromax canvas turbo A250.


This round corner Micromax phone looks almost similar to Canvas Doodle 2, but a bit better in construction than doodle 2. With 5.0 inch Full HD Display, it provides impressive screen quality. Like other Micromax smartphones, it comes with three buttons for navigation, headset, LED above it. The frame of canvas turbo is made of plastic and back from aluminum, which is un-removable. You cannot remove or replace the battery yourself. In general, Micromax canvas turbo is one of the best build mobile by Micromax. It comprehensively beat doodle 2 and canvas 4 in design prospect.

Processor, Camera and Storage:

This stylus Micromax smartphone comes with a 1.5 GHz processor (quad core) with 2GB RAM. The device comes with 16GB internal memory out of which 13.5 is available to the user, and it does not support external memory card. Canvas Turbo has an impressive 13MP rear camera followed by LED flash. Camera quality in the indoor light is a bit off then that in daylight. It has an extremely fast processor and good enough memory to hold all your important data.

Price in India

Like every other phone, there is a difference in price on the e-commerce portal like Flipkart, Ebay and Amazon. Amazon India is selling it at Rs.18, 211.94 (6th Jan 2014), on Flipkart it is priced at Rs. 18099. Price of canvas turbo on Ebay is around Rs. 17,371. Canvas turbo is not available in white color; most of the online retailers are selling only blue color.

Some other Features

Canvas Turbo also comes with some other excellent features like motion sensor, gyroscope etc. It comes up with a lot of preloaded apps like Hike, Opera Mini and BBM. The device runs on Android Jelly Bean Operating System (v4.2.1). It has a 5MP front camera. It has all the basic connectivity options like 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The dual sim facility with dual standby stands it apart from the other smartphones.

User Review:-

The combination of Quad core processor and 2GB RAM gives your excellent performance while multitasking and playing games. It’s aluminum back covers looks fabulous. The people who own canvas turbo seem very happy with the design and call canvas turbo “a premium phone” in the mid range. Few tech geeks have also complained about the camera quality, but overall it is worth in this price. The only phone,  which comes closer to canvas turbo, is almost equal price is Lenovo P780.Canvas Turbo A250 fulfills all the requirement of  smartphone lovers but still it lacks few features like non expandable memory, moderate battery backup and non detachable battery.

This post is contributed by Himanshu Saxena who writes for his blog, you can catch up with him on Google+

Top 5 Micromax Canvas Android Phones to Buy in 2014

Smartphone lovers have a good reason to rejoice in 2014, as Micromax is introducing some special, noticeably different and fully functioning Canvas Android phones. Here, the user gets information about the top 5 Canvas phones and can pick easily without worrying about the budget.

A116 Canvas HD- Vibrant Colors that Paint Your LifeA116 Canvas HD

Make your life colorful using this HD Canvas phone from Micromax. Nothing can be more enjoyable than using a phone that has not one but many features to entertain the user. The user can now explore the world from the long 12.5 cm HD screen. Gain access to any information or data faster through the quad core processor (1.2 GHZ). The high quality graphics make games speed double and allows to play those high version games without any interruption. Some important and different features are on the canvas phone at a glance:

1. Desirable performance by the Android operating system

2. 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity makes data and file sharing easy and fun

3. 1GB ram that gives the power

4. Comes with some freeloaded applications

Micromax A77 Canvas Juice:Micromax A77 Canvas Juice

The particular model of the canvas series phone refers to marathon battery phone. Smartphone users want the battery to be very powerful, and they may like using this phone for that purpose. The phone is powered by 1.3GHZ dual core processor by the MediaTek MT6572 SOC. This is a 5inch phone with 196 ppi and FWVGA resolution. Other attractive features of the phone are:

1. VGA webcam at the back and the 5MP snapper at the front

2. The phone can record HD video 720 P within in 30fps.

3. This is another 3G enable handset from Micromax

4. Include all the major connectivity features like USB, GPS, Bluetooth, WI-Fi

A113 Canvas Ego:A113 Canvas Ego

A113 Canvas Ego is among the list of top 5 Canvas phones because it can balance between great hardware and the swag efficiently. This also comes with a 1.2 GHZ core processor and 1GB RAM support that ensure the power required to launch and design applications successfully. The Smartphone operates on the jelly bean operating system that gives the seamless interface. Some Other features are following:

1. Capacitive touch screen with 16 m colors

2. 8 MP camera with LED flash and auto focus

 3. 802.11 BGN WI-Fi for faster connectivity

Canvas Turbo:Canvas Turbo

This Canvas phone comes with some features that any users will like. It is a fully functioning device that fits in your budget. The phone comes with:

1. 13 megapixel primary camera

2. Dual SIM facility both GSM

3. Enabled with WI-Fi

4. FM radio with recording facility

5. Android 4.2.1 operating system (jelly bean)

6. Full High Definition recording

7. HTML5 type browser

Using the phone, the user can capture favorite images from closer and can save a lot images in the high capacity memory.

A63 Canvas Fun:A63 Canvas Fun

This is another Canvas phone from Micromax that is going to be popular for its exclusive features. The phone brings some latest features:

1. Android 4.2.2 operating system (jelly bean)

2. Dual core processor (1.3 GHZ)

3. High Definition recording

4. Expandable storage capacity (32 GB)

5. 2 MP primary camera

6. Enabled with WI-Fi

If you need a multitasking Smartphone that you can simply show-off, you will like this.

This post is contributed by Himanshu Saxena who writes for his blog, you can catch up with him on Google+.